Food Halls & Street Food in Reykjavík

Icelandic hot dog, 'pylsa'.

A new trend for eating out has recently hit Reykjavík: food halls. The concept is simple. Head into an indoor market filled with restaurants serving street food from across the world, choose something delicious, and tuck in.

You’ll come across these food halls in renovated bus stations, warehouses, and fish markets across the city. Aside from being great places to eat, they’re a fascinating insight into the lives of Icelanders.

But they’re not the only places to enjoy street food in Reykjavík. With bakeries, food trucks, and stalls across the city, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

In this guide, discover all you need to know about street food and food halls in Reykjavík, including where to find them and what’s on offer.

Fish and chips in Reykjavík.

Food halls in Reykjavík

There are lots of food halls across the city of Reykjavík. Keep reading to get the lowdown on each one.

1. Hlemmur

In 2017, Hlemmur became the first food hall in Reykjavík to open its doors. It’s housed in an old bus station on Laugavegur, the city center’s main pedestrianized street.

Since then, this trend-setting food court has been serving up fast food from across the globe. Order authentic Neapolitan pizza, Vietnamese banh mi, or LA-style tacos. Alternatively, tuck into some traditional Icelandic cuisine, including the smoked lamb from Reykjavík street food legends, Fjárhúsið.

Whether you’re after a quick lunch while sightseeing or a casual place for dinner, the Hlemmur food hall is a diverse and convenient option.

Address: Laugavegur 107, 105 Reykjavík
Website: Hlemmur Mathöll

2. Grandi

If you’re looking for something to eat in Reykjavík’s harbor area, give the Grandi food hall a try.

You’ll find it in an old fish processing center, making it both a top foodie spot and an interesting historical site. Today, you can still watch local fishermen bring fresh seafood into the kitchens.

What’s on offer? A range of fast food, all featuring the freshest ingredients. Try fish and chips Icelandic-style, burgers, Indian curries, and more.

Nothing is stopping you from sampling them all while you’re here. At Grandi, you’re encouraged to try lots of small plates – and you can savor them while overlooking the bustling fish market below.

Address: Grandagarður 16, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Grandi Mathöll

3. Pósthús

Opened in 2022, Pósthús is set in a refurbished post office downtown. It’s a vibrant and family-friendly place where you have lots of food and drink options.

Choose between an Indian-Scandinavian fusion restaurant, sushi, tacos, and a relaxed bar – or mix and match. If you’re coming with friends and family, you can each choose what you fancy before eating together in the communal seating area.

With its central location, Pósthús is a great choice if you’re exploring the museums in downtown Reykjavík and the area around the Icelandic parliament.

Address: Pósthússtræti 5, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Pósthús

Posthus Food Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland

4. Hafnartorg Gallery

At the eastern end of Reykjavík’s harbor district, you’ll find Hafnartorg, one of Iceland’s biggest shopping centers. Head inside to discover the Hafnartorg food hall.

Here, some of the tastiest street food in Reykjavík – including burgers, sandwiches, and ice cream – sits side by side with more gourmet offerings. For instance, Hafnartorg boasts classy Italian, French, and Japanese restaurants that all double up as bars. So, take a seat and sip on your drink of choice.

It’s the perfect place to stop while shopping, or for a bite to eat before you visit the Harpa Concert Hall.

Address: Geirsgata 17, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Hafnartorg Gallery

5. Borg29

Borg29 is just outside downtown Reykjavík, on Borgartún, the main road through the city’s financial and political district. Once you step inside its bright, warm, and vibrant interior, you’ll see why it’s definitely worth the walk.

Like the other food halls, Borg29 is all about variety, with Mexican, Italian, Japanese, and Icelandic cuisines all rubbing shoulders. Grab some food and sit next to the enormous windows with sweeping views over the Faxaflói Bay.

It’s a convenient and affordable place to eat if you’re visiting Höfði House or strolling along Reykjavík’s shoreline.

Address: Borgartún 29, 105 Reykjavík
Website: Borg29

6. Höfði Mathöll

To the east of Reykjavík, the city transforms into a landscape of rivers, lakes, and grassy parks. Out here, in an industrial district just off the main road out of town, you’ll discover the Höfði food hall.

From the outside, it looks like the other warehouses in the area. But that’s the beauty of Iceland’s food halls. Step inside, and it’s a sleek and modern space with one of the largest selections of restaurants and food trucks in the city.

Expect burgers, sandwiches, pasta, tacos, and tons of other dishes to satisfy hungry foodies. It’s an ideal pit stop if you’re driving in or out of the city on Iceland’s Ring Road.

Address: Bíldshöfði 9, 110 Reykjavík
Website: Mathöll Höfða

Icelandic food fine dining-jay-wennington-unsplash.jpg

7. Kúmen Food Hall

Last but not least is Kúmen. Set inside the Kringlan shopping mall, Kúmen probably takes the crown for Reykjavík’s largest food hall. Here, you’ll be spoiled for choice, with over a dozen restaurants to choose from.

Kúmen’s location means it’s a little more casual than other food courts in the city. If you’re in the area for some shopping, grab a takeaway from one of the local or international food vendors.

Address: Kringlan 4-12, 103 Reykjavík
Website: Kúmen

Other food halls in South Iceland

Reykjavík is not the only place in Iceland where you’ll come across food halls. With a growing foodie scene, trendy eateries are popping up all over the country. If you’re traveling through South Iceland, here are 2 other places you should keep in mind.

Mathöll Suðurlands

You’ll find this food hub in Hveragerði, in the stylish Gróðurhúsið (‘the Greenhouse’) hotel and shopping center. By now, you know the score. Expect a wide variety of international and Icelandic street food, plus a bar, café, and ice cream parlor.

Address: Austurmörk, 810 Hveragerði
Website: Mathöll Suðurlands

The Old Dairy Food Hall

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Selfoss, this food-lover haven is a great option. It’s housed in a gorgeous replica of the dairy that once stood on this site.

Address: Eyravegur 1 800, 800 Selfoss
Website: The Old Dairy Food Hall – Mjólkurbúið Mathöll

Mjólkurbúið – The Old Dairy House in Selfoss

Street Food in Reykjavík

The best street food in Reykjavík is not limited to the city’s food halls. When you explore Iceland’s capital, you’ll come across much more to keep you satisfied.

Discover 3 of the most popular options in town right here. But there’s a lot more out there to try!

1. Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur is probably the most famous street food joint in Reykjavík. Its name means ‘best hotdogs in town’, and you can expect exactly that.

The original outlet is located in Tryggvagata, but there are now several more across town. Try the specialty lamb hotdog with fried onions and remoulade.

Address: Tryggvagata 1, 101 Reykjavík (and other locations)
Website: Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

Hand holding a hot dog at Reynisfjara beach

2. 101 Reykjavík Street Food

In true street food fashion, 101 Reykjavík Street Food serves simple and affordable food.  Prepare for a mix of international and local dishes all cooked up by the friendly staff.

Try the soups, fish and chips, or whatever else they’ve prepared fresh that day.

Address: Skólavörðustígur 8, 101 Reykjavík
Website: 101 Reykjavík Street Food

3. Fish and Chips Vagninn

This family-owned food truck in Reykjavík’s harbor offers fresh Icelandic cod cooked in traditional British style. Expect generous portions, friendly service, and top-quality battered fish.

Grab a takeaway while you stroll along the harbor, or enjoy it on-site.

Address: Hlésgata, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Fish and Chips Vagninn

Experience Reykjavík’s food halls and street food for yourself

Visit Reykjavík and experience Iceland’s modern food scene at its best. Whatever your plans for your trip, make sure to include a visit to some food halls and street food vendors in your itinerary.

One of the best ways to get to know the city, and see more of the country, is on a self-drive tour of Iceland. You’ll get behind the wheel, with the freedom to explore at your own pace.

At Iceland Tours, we’ll book your accommodation, rental car, and any activities you want to get up to. All you have to do is enjoy the drive, stopping whenever you like to sample local food or take in the country’s jaw-dropping sights.

Alternatively, let us handle the driving and join a guided group tour of Iceland. It’s a great way to see the country while meeting like-minded travelers and getting local insight from an expert guide.

If you’d prefer to stay in the capital, choose a multi-day tour from Reykjavík. This way, you can have a base in the city and visit top natural attractions during the day.

Whatever you choose, you can customize your tour to suit your tastes. All you need to do to secure your booking is pay a 5% deposit today.

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