Best Restaurants in Reykjavík

Pósthús Food Hall in Reykjavík, Iceland

Pósthús Food Hall & Bar in Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík has a growing reputation as an off-the-beaten-track foodie destination. With surprising local delicacies to try and a wide international offering, you won’t go hungry during your stay in Iceland’s capital.

Read on to discover a selection of the best restaurants in Reykjavík. Whether you want fine dining experiences, cheap eats, or a casual place after a day of exploring, you’ll find them here.

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10 top restaurants in Reykjavík

1. Fiskfélagið (Fish Company)

If locally caught fish is what you’re after, there’s no better place to try than Fiskfélagið. The highlights are the sushi platter and catch of the day. But you can also choose from langoustines, scallops, Arctic char, and some vegan options.

Just a stone’s throw from Reykjavík’s harbor, and sights including the Harpa Concert Hall and Reykjavík Art Museum, Fiskfélagið is conveniently located no matter where you’re staying. It’s the perfect place for a special meal after a day’s sightseeing.

Address: Vesturgata 2a, Grófartorg, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Fiskfélagið
Price: $$$$

2. Grillmarkaðurinn (Grill Market)

One of Reykjavík’s top fine dining restaurants, the Grillmarkaðurinn is a meatlover’s heaven. It serves up treats from the grill including ribeye steaks, lamb chops, and beef tenderloin. But prepare for some surprises – more unusual Icelandic dishes including reindeer and whale steaks make an appearance too. We think whales are best seen rather than eaten though.

Overall, impeccably prepared food, stylish interiors, and the eight-course tasting menu make it one of Reykjavík’s best restaurants to splash out in.

Address: Lækjargata 2a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Website: Grillmarkaðurinn
Price: $$$$

3. Sæta Svínið

For something a little more casual, head to Sæta Svínið, meaning ‘Sweet Pig’. Set in a traditional Icelandic house close to Ingólfur Square, you’ll find a friendly gastropub offering curated, quality grub.

Rustic interiors and outdoor seating ensure this is a welcoming place to chill and savor good food at any time of day. While their pub staples such as burgers, ribs, and chicken wings are renowned, it’s the fresh fish and impressive selection of desserts that make it stand out.

Don’t miss the list of local craft beers too!

Address: Hafnarstræti, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Sæta Svínið
Price: $$$

A few glasses of beer in an Icelandic bar

4. Apótek

Styling itself as a ‘kitchen and bar’, Apótek is more than just a restaurant. You can enjoy brunch, afternoon tea, a classy evening meal, or sample something from the patisserie. Alternatively, just relax with a coffee, cocktail, or glass of wine in elegant surroundings.

The meal options are interesting and diverse, including a tasting menu of Nordic cuisine, seafood, and a refreshingly wide variety of vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is run by Argentinian chef Carlos Gimenez, so you can expect a South American grill too.

Address: Austurstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Apótek
Price: $$$

5. Messinn

Messinn is a small, cozy restaurant with a focus on local seafood. It’s best known for its fish pans, freshly cooked fish served in a hot pan alongside potatoes and vegetables. Try the wolffish, Arctic char, or plokkfiskur, a typical Icelandic fish stew made with potatoes.

It’s a down-to-earth place but that doesn’t mean it has sacrificed on quality. And as a sign of their popularity, you’ll find they’ve recently opened another restaurant in Selfoss. That said, if you’re not into seafood, Messinn probably won’t be the place for you.

Address: Lækjargata 6, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Messinn
Price: $$

6. Snaps Bistro

Snaps is a slice of France in the heart of Reykjavík. You’ll find this bright and relaxed bistro just round the corner from Skólavörðustígur, downtown Reykjavík’s famous ‘Rainbow Street’.

The restaurant serves escargots, beef bourguignon, mussels, onion soup, and other French classics in the evening. Head there in the morning for brunch, or to grab a croque monsieur to go (a grilled cheese and ham sandwich).

Whatever you choose, expect large portions, a great vibe, and friendly staff.

Address: Þórsgata 1, Þórsgata 1, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Snaps Bistro
Price: $$$

7. ROK

ROK is a place for casual fine dining. Come for the wide selection of small plates, featuring creative takes on traditional Icelandic cuisine and international dishes. But another great thing about ROK is the variety of vegetarian options available.

You’ll also notice how stylishly decorated the place is. Don’t miss ROK’s roof terrace, with some of the city’s best views over Hallgrímskirkja.

Address: Frakkastígur 26a, 101 Reykjavík
Website: ROK
Price: $$$

8. Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur translates as ‘the best hotdogs in town’ – and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting. This historic hotdog stand has been serving up quick meals since 1937. It’s so popular with locals and visitors alike, they’ve expanded to offer 7 outlets across the city.

Their speciality is the lamb hotdog with fried onions and remoulade. Dig in on one of the nearby benches and soak up the easy-going atmosphere around the stand. Plus, you'll be in illustrious company with Bill Clinton, Anthony Bourdain, and Kim Kardashian among its past patrons!

Address: Tryggvagata 1, 101 Reykjavík (and other locations)
Website: Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur
Price: $

An Icelandic hot dog, or pylsa, with everything

9. Le KocK

Le KocK was inspired by the mission to raise the bar of fast food in Iceland. Visit this  American-style diner near Reykjavík’s harbor, and you’ll discover they’re doing a pretty awesome job.

In fact, it’s now known as one of the best places for burgers in the capital. Choose your favorite toppings and swap out the standard beef for pork, or pick a vegan bean and mushroom patty instead. For something a bit different, try the chicken wings.

Yet that’s not all that Le KocK offers. Inside, you’ll find the Deig bakery, which specialises in bagels, pretzels, and donuts. And there’s a bar serving great cocktails too.

Address: Tryggvagata 14, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Le KocK
Price: $$

10. Ramen Momo

Next door to Le KocK is Ramen Momo, Iceland’s very first ramen restaurant. Admittedly, the flavors of Japan might not be what you’d anticipate in Reykjavík. But with affordable and tasty dishes, it’s a winner on a chilly Icelandic evening.

This is a small, relaxed joint where you can eat at the bar or overlooking the street. If there aren’t any seats available, enjoy your ramen to go instead.

Address: Tryggvagata 16, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Website: Ramen Momo
Price: $

Bowl of tantanmen at Ramen Momo, Reykjavik, Iceland
Bowl of tantanmen at Ramen Momo, Reykjavik, Iceland ©Ramen Momo

5 food halls to explore in Reykjavík

Restaurants aside, don’t miss Reykjavík’s hugely popular food halls. You’ll find these large indoor markets in renovated bus terminals or warehouses around the city.

They’re a testament to how much the country’s food culture has changed. Once, Iceland had a reputation for unusual dishes like fermented shark and boiled sheep’s head. Explore these food halls now and you can enjoy delicacies from across the world, prepared by the best restaurants in Iceland.

This isn’t fine dining though. The focus here is on street food, so expect pizza, tacos, sushi, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. Scroll down to learn about some of Reykjavík’s best food halls.

The Reykjavík skyline next to the Tjörnin pond on a sunny day

1. Hlemmur

The city’s original food hall, Hlemmur opened its doors in 2017 on the site of Reykjavík’s old bus station. Since then, it’s been serving mouth-watering food from around the world. What’s more, you can get your hands on it every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Address: Laugavegur 107, 105 Reykjavík
Website: Hlemmur Mathöll

2. Grandi 

If you’re after a quick bite in the harbor area, Grandi is a great choice. Here you’re encouraged to try a few smaller plates from different stands. And when everything looks so tempting, why wouldn’t you?

Address: Grandagarður 16 101, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Grandi Mathöll

3. Pósthús 

Opening its door for the first time in December 2022, Pósthús is located inside an old post office in downtown Reykjavík. You’ll find pizza and tacos, alongside a wine bar and Scandinavian-Indian fusion restaurant, plus a lot more.

Address: Pósthússtræti 5 101, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Pósthús

5. Borg29

Borg29 is located just a short distance from the city center, in Reykjavík’s political and financial district. If you’re visiting Höfði House, the historic building on the city’s waterfront, this food hall is the perfect place for a quick bite.

Address: Borgartún 29, 105 Reykjavík
Website: Borg29

How to experience Reykjavík’s restaurants

An impressive food scene isn’t all that Reykjavík has to offer you. With Nordic architecture and a renowned musical culture, it’s definitely worth lingering in the city to soak it all in.

Being based in the capital doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Iceland’s natural wonders. Choose one of Iceland Tours’ multi-day packages from Reykjavík, and you’ll explore breathtaking scenery on guided tours by day, before spending your evenings in the city.

These day-tripper packages range from 2 to 5 nights, and let you discover the Land of Fire and Ice without having to unpack and repack your bag. For example, you could visit destinations including the Golden Circle, Vík fishing village, Katla volcano, and more, all while overnighting in the city.


Alternatively, time in Reykjavík before taking a group tour of Iceland. It’s a great way to discover the country with an expert guide and meet like-minded travelers.

If you prefer the freedom of traveling at your own speed, opt for a self-drive tour of Iceland. You’ll get behind the wheel and enjoy your own journey through Iceland’s jaw-dropping landscapes. Or, if you want to benefit from a guide’s local knowledge, choose from these private guided tours.

No matter how you decide to travel, a local expert at Iceland Tours will organize your accommodation, activities, and transport within Iceland. And if there’s anything else you want to do, you can customize your tour to include it.

Ready for a taste of Iceland? Secure your booking today with just a 5% deposit.

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