23 Best Restaurants in Iceland

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Eating out will be an unforgettable part of your trip to Iceland. Discover the best restaurants in Iceland, including local favorites, places for fine dining, casual eateries, and much more. Expect surprising culinary traditions and distinct flavors, along with a wide variety of food from around the world.

But you don’t have to navigate the country’s food and drink scene on your own. Read on to take a virtual food tour of the 23 best places to eat in Iceland with us. They’re organized by region, so you can eat well wherever you travel in the Land of Fire and Ice.


1. Fiskfélagið (Fish Company)

If you’re looking for fresh local seafood, Fiskfélagið is the place to try in Iceland’s capital. The menu includes scallops, langoustines, and other delicacies straight from the North Atlantic Ocean. Ask your waiter for the catch of the day.

For something a little different, try the sushi platter. Whatever you choose, you’re in for a treat. You’ll find the restaurant close to Reykjavík’s historic harbor.

Address: Vesturgata 2a, Grófartorg, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Website: Fiskfélagið
Price: $$$$

Plate of Icelandic langoustines

2. Grillmarkaðurinn (Grill Market)

Grillmarkaðurinn has a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Reykjavík for eating meat. You’ll find classics from the grill, such as ribeye steaks, or you can try local dishes like reindeer or horse. Vegans and vegetarians should also give it a try, as there are great options for you too.

With its stylish interiors and the option of an 8-course tasting menu, it’s a restaurant for splashing out.

Address: Lækjargata 2a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Website: Grillmarkaðurinn
Price: $$$$

3. Sæta Svínið

Sæta Svínið (or ‘Sweet Pig’) is where to go if you’re looking for a quality, casual place to eat in Reykjavík. It’s a gastropub, meaning what you drink is just as important as what’s on your plate. The wide variety of local beers is one of the main draws. 

Expect a menu of sandwiches, ribs, and other pub classics, alongside fresh fish. It’s a great option for lunch and dinner in Reykjavík’s central Ingólfur Square.

Address: Hafnarstræti, 101 Reykjavík
Website: Sæta Svínið
Price: $$$

West Iceland  

4. Landnámssetrið

Located inside the Borgarnes Settlement Centre, Landnámssetrið is an ideal stop if you’re traveling north from Reykjavík. The restaurant serves Icelandic classics such as lamb and mashed fish, alongside international staples including pasta.

Visit on the weekends for the lunch buffet, or just stop for coffee and cake. Whatever you choose, it’s consistently delicious. 

Address: Brákarbraut 13–15, 310 Borgarnes
Website: Landnámssetrið
Price: $$

Snæfellsness peninsula

5. Narfeyrarstofa

If you’re traveling through the Snæfellsness peninsula, Narfeyrarstofa is one of the best places to eat. You’ll find it in the village of Stykkishólmur, on the peninsula’s northern tip.

Visitors and locals come for the lobster soup, seafood, and seasonal meats. It’s also a stylish spot, set in a traditional Icelandic building. 

Address: Aðalgata 3, 340 Stykkishólmur
Website: Narfeyrarstofa
Price: $$

6. Sjávarpakkhúsið

Another local favorite in Stykkishólmur is Sjávarpakkhúsið, a classy restaurant overlooking the village harbor. As its seaside location might suggest, the emphasis here is on fish.

You can indulge in tasting menus of 4–6 courses or choose between small and large individual plates a la carte. With inventive cocktails and dishes inspired by global recipes, Sjávarpakkhúsið serves up a modern twist on Icelandic seafood.

Address: Hafnargata 2, 340 Stykkishólmur
Website: Sjávarpakkhúsið
Price: $$$$

  • Visit Snæfellsnes peninsula, known as ‘Iceland in miniature’, on a self-drive tour.

North Iceland

7. North West 

Sitting right on the Ring Road – the highway that loops around the country – North West is one of the top restaurants in Iceland.

If you haven’t tried it before, North West makes a tasty Icelandic lamb soup. Or you can choose from burgers, salads, fried fish, and a range of vegan options. 

Address: Víðigerði, 531 Hvammstangi
Website: North West
Price: $$$

8. Rub23

Akureyri’s Rub23 is a restaurant with an unusual concept. You choose a fish or meat – whether Arctic char, lamb, or something else – as well as a ‘rub’ that it comes with. Think of it like a dressing, with flavors such as citrus rosemary, Texas BBQ, or sweet mango chili.

At Rub23, you can also enjoy some of the best sushi in Iceland. Head here for a memorable dining experience in the heart of Iceland’s ‘Capital of the North’. 

Address: Kaupvangsstræti 6, 600 Akureyri
Website: Rub23
Price: $$$

9. Eldey (Hótel Laxá)

Close to the shores of Lake Mývatn, Eldey is a restaurant committed to sourcing local ingredients. You can eat vegetables from greenhouses in Hveravellir, fish from Húsavík, and lamb from across North Iceland.

Address: Olnbogaási 660 Mývatn, Mývatn
Website: Eldey
Price: $$$

10. Gamli Baukur (Húsavík) 

Perched on the Húsavík harbor, Gamli Baukur is one of Iceland’s most distinctive restaurants. Even the building itself stands out. It’s made entirely of driftwood found across the north coast. 

Plus, the restaurant’s large menu means you’ll be spoiled for choice. Fish, lamb, and tacos are staples, as well as pizza. 

Address: Hafnarstétt 9, 640 Húsavík
Website: Gamli Baukur
Price: $$

Fish and chips in Reykjavík.

East Iceland 

11. Nielsen

Egilstaðir is a main travel hub in East Iceland, and it’s where you’ll find some of the region’s top foodie offerings. Nielsen is one of them, with its bright, airy space and sophisticated seasonal menu.

Choose a set menu or try some of the reindeer dishes. This meat is a speciality of East Iceland. 

Address: Tjarnarbraut, 700 Egilsstaðir
Website: Nielsen
Price: $$$

12. Otto Food and Drink 

Located by Höfn’s harbor in a beautiful 19th-century house, Otto offers an elegant dining experience. The menu changes regularly, but expect imaginatively prepared fish, meat, and vegetarian options.

Address: Hafnarbraut, 780 Höfn í Hornafirði
Website: Otto Matur & Drykkur
Price: $$$

13. Pakkhúsið

Another popular option in Höfn is Pakkhús, which dates back to 1932. It’s a more casual spot, where local dishes share the menu with pizza, burgers, and more. Find it down by the bustling harbor, where you can watch boats come and go.

Address: Krosseyjarvegur 3, 780 Höfn í Hornafirði
Website: Pakkhus
Price: $$

South Iceland 

14. Kjarr 

If you’re traveling in South Iceland, Kjarr is a popular option just outside Kirkjubæjarklaustur. The restaurant has an ever-changing, seasonal menu featuring pastas and dishes based on foraged ingredients.

But it’s good to know that Kjarr is only open in summer, and they don’t take reservations. 

Address: Klausturvegur 2, 880 Kirkjubæjarklaustur
Website: Kjarr
Price: $$$

15. Smiðjan Brugghús 

You’ll be spoiled for choice for places to eat in the coastal town of Vík. But if you want something casual, Smiðjan Brugghús comes highly recommended.

The diner specializes in burgers, wings, and ribs. And given it’s a brugghús, or ‘brewhouse’, expect lovingly brewed craft beers too.

Address: Sunnubraut 15, 870 Vík
Website: Smiðjan Brugghús
Price: $$

A beer being poured in Iceland

16. Halldórskaffi

Another top place to eat in Vík is Halldórskaffi. You’ll find Icelandic classics, including lamb and Arctic char, on the menu, alongside pizza and burgers. It’s a laid-back and family-friendly spot for lunch and dinner. 

Address: Víkurbraut 28, 870 Vík
Website: Halldórskaffi
Price: $$

17. Tryggvaskáli 

Head into the center of Selfoss, and you won’t miss Tryggvaskáli. It’s a pale green building on the banks of the river Ölfusá. Inside, you’ll find inventive variations on local dishes.

If you’re in town on the weekend, don’t miss Tryggvaskáli’s well-known brunch.

Address: Tryggvatorg, 800 Selfoss
Website: Tryggvaskáli
Price: $$$

18. Eldstó Art Café 

As its name suggests, Eldstó in Hvolsvöllur is both a café and an art space. You can come for a bite to eat, a full meal, or just to look at the local crafts and ceramics. All the crockery and glasses you eat and drink from are made in-house too.

Address: Austurvegur 2, 860 Hvolsvöllur
Website: Eldstó
Price: $$

19. Mathöll Suðurlands

The food hall, or ‘mathöll’ in Icelandic, has become a staple of local dining in recent years. You’ll find most of these street food destinations in Reykjavík, but Mathöll Suðurlands in Hveragerði is one of the best outside the capital.

It solves your problem of deciding where to eat in Iceland by bringing many cuisines together under one roof. Choose from pizza, tacos, noodles, local food, and more. 

Address: Austurmörk 6, 810 Hveragerði
Website: Mathöll Suðurlands
Price: $$

20. Ölverk Pizza and Brewery 

Just up the road from Mathöll Suðurlands is Ölverk. Combining locally brewed beer and wood-fired pizzas, you won't need to look any further for a relaxing meal in central Hveragerði. Plus, the brewery is powered by geothermal energy – what’s not to like?

Address: Breiðamörk 2, 810 Hveragerði
Website: Ölverk Pizza and Brewery
Price: $$

21. Matkráin 

Also in Hveragerði is Matkráin, a café and deli known for its smørrebrød. This is a type of open sandwich from Denmark, typically topped with fish and greens. You’ll find plenty of delicious vegetarian options on the menu too.

Address: Breiðamörk 10, 810 Hveragerði
Website: Matkráin
Price: $$

The Golden Circle

22. Friðheimar

Both a scientific marvel and one of the top places to eat in Iceland, Friðheimar is all about tomatoes. Here they’re grown in greenhouses powered entirely by geothermal energy. 

Try salad, soup, pasta, and more, all made with locally grown tomatoes.

Address: Friðheimar 225, 806 Reykholt
Website: Friðheimar
Price: $$

A man walking in front of a glowing greenhouse in Iceland

23. Minilik

Maybe not quite what you’d expect to find in Iceland, Minilik is an Ethiopian restaurant in the village of Flúðir. Run by an Ethiopian woman and her husband, the food here is authentic and delicious.

Savor a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes served in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

Address: Skeiða-og Hrunamannavegur, 845 Flúðir
Website: Minilik
Price: $$

How to experience Iceland’s restaurants

Wherever you travel in Iceland, you’ll find plenty of restaurants to match your tastes and fuel your adventures. All you need to do now is start planning your trip.

Book an Iceland vacation package with us, and we’ll make your trip seamless by taking care of the details, including your accommodation and local transport. Plus, our Reykjavík-based team can recommend where to eat and what to do while you’re here.

To get started, simply choose how you want to travel. If you’d like to see the Land of Fire and Ice at your own pace, go for a self-drive tour. If you’d like to be led by a local expert with in-depth knowledge of Iceland, why not try a guided group trip instead?

No matter which way you choose to travel, we’ll make your trip unforgettable. Secure your booking with just a 5% deposit.

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