Iceland Travel Guide

Find out all there is to see, do, and taste in Iceland with our handy Travel Guide. Explore the categories below and learn all about the Land of Fire and Ice. Whether you want to know what to pack, how to predict the weather (hint: you can’t), or just if you need to tip, you’ll find the answer here.

Iceland's Top Attractions

West IcelandWestfjordsSnæfellsnesSouth IcelandReykjavikReykjanesNorth IcelandEast Iceland
The Reykjavík skyline next to the Tjörnin pond on a sunny day


The Barnafoss waterfall

West Iceland

A man standing below Kirkjufellsfoss

Snæfellsnes peninsula

brown arctic fox amidst green grass and yellow flowers


Lush trees and lava formations next to Lake Mývatn

North Iceland

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon at sunrise with a pink sky

East Iceland

A rainbow over the Skógafoss waterfall on a sunny day

South Iceland

Woman relaxing in the Blue Lagoon

Reykjanes peninsula

Top attractions in the Reykjavík area

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Find out when to visit, and what to see, eat, hike, climb…
Person with torch admiring the northern lights in Iceland
Travel Guide

Northern Lights

What causes the Northern Lights? And when and where can you see them?

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Icelandic money in the form of banknotes
Travel Guide


Everything you need to know about currency, cash, and card payments in Iceland.

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Cinnamon buns and croissants in a bakery window in Reykjavík
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Food & restaurants

Get all the latest info on the Icelandic food scene, including what foods to try and what to avoid.

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Plug into the Icelandic cultural calendar and experience the country the way the locals do.

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A few glasses of beer in an Icelandic bar
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Bars & nightlife

Get your party shoes on and hit the dancefloor at one of Reykjavík’s buzzing venues.

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