Romantic Iceland: Top 9 Places to Propose

A couple holding hands near a lake in Iceland

Getting engaged is a monumental moment and many of you want to make it as special and memorable as possible. Iceland has become the dream destination for people from all over the world who come here, especially to ask that important question: Will you marry me? Here are our favorite 9 places to propose.

Iceland Tours has helped plan many proposals and hopefully will help plan many more. We love it so much that we’ve put together a list of the most romantic places in Iceland. We‘ve even suggested phrases for you to use if you’re not sure of what to say, that‘s the kind of all-round service Iceland Tours provides!

(Please note that we cannot guarantee a positive answer if you propose using our phrases.)

Gljufrabui waterfall, Iceland

1. Gljúfrabúi

While its neighbouring waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss are undoubtedly romantic and picturesque, the hidden Gljúfrabúi (Cave Dweller) is infinitely more private. To get to it you‘ll need to wade the stream that flows between the cliffs and go into the canyon beyond, or follow the steep path up the cliff. It‘s well worth the effort though as you‘ll feel like you’re the only two people in the world.

Suggested phrase: I want to dwell in the cave of our love forever, will you marry me?

Group of people inside glacier cave, Iceland

2. Langjökull Ice Tunnel

This man-made tunnel deep inside the Langjökull glacier must be one of the more unusual places you can pop the question. The sparkling blue hues of the ice form the perfect backdrop for your proposal and if you’re worried about your love getting cold feet they also perform weddings in there so you can kill two birds with one stone and get hitched right away! Although if you’re literally worried about cold feet, woolly socks might be the easier.

Suggested phrase: Our love is cold as ice, ice baby, wanna marry me?

Ariel view of Golden Circle route, Iceland

3. Þingvellir National Park

Love doesn‘t care about location and therefore it can happen that people who come from two different continents fall in love, regardless of the geographical distance. If that‘s the case in your relationship, there‘s no better place to ask your long distance lover to marry you than Þingvellir National Park. Located on the mid-Atlantic ridge where the North-American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet you can straddle the divide between two continents as you ask the question.

Suggested phrase: Our love brings the world together, let’s get married!

Tectonic plates at Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

4. Ásbyrgi canyon

One of the most magical places in north Iceland is Ásbyrgi canyon. It is said to be a hoofprint made by Óðinn‘s horse Sleipnir. At the bottom of the canyon is a beautiful, tranquil pond and gazing into it is sure to steady your nerves before getting down on one knee. Ásbyrgi is said to be an Elf capital so if you don’t mind an invisible audience, they’re sure to cheer your engagement.

Suggested phrase: By Óðinn and all the elves, you’re the one I want to spend my life with, say you’ll marry me!

Lighthouse at Grótta peninsula nature reserve in Seltjarnarnes

5. Grótta

If you‘re only in Iceland for a short time, or if you’re just more of a city person, there are several romantic places around Reykjavik that are ideal for a proposal. The Grótta peninsula nature reserve in Seltjarnarnes is one of these places. When the tides are low you can walk all the way to Grótta Island where the lighthouse stands and propose underneath its tall structure as the artic tern flies across the sky.

Suggested phrase: Your love lights up my life, will you marry me?

Leifur Eiríksson statue in front of the Hallgrimskirkja church in Reykjavik

6. Hallgrímskirkja

If you feel more like just hanging out in downtown Reykjavik so you can head straight to a romantic restaurant after you‘ve sealed the deal, look no further than the Hallgrímskirkja church. The top of the church tower has a magnificent view over the city and the surrounding mountains and the peaceful atmosphere inside the beautiful church will steady your nerves.

Suggested phrase: I feel like I’m in heaven when I’m with you, will you marry me?

Diamond Beach in the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon area

7. Diamond Beach at Jökulsárlón

The so-called Diamond Beach is part of the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon area and is littered with ice from the lagoon that sparkles against the black sand. Admittedly your ring might pale in comparison, but where else can you say that you proposed surrounded by huge diamonds? Don’t try to propose with the ice though, it will melt.

Suggested phrase: Diamonds are the toughest substance in the world but our bond is tougher, let’s get married!

Snæfellsjökull with white flowers

8. Snæfellsjökull

The mystical Snæfellsjökull is known as both the entrance to the centre of the Earth in Jules Verne‘s novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth and the supposed landing place for aliens in Iceland. So if you and your significant other are up for a chance encounter with some strange creatures this is the place. But even if there is no unusual activity, going to the top of the glacier is a breathtaking experience and it’ll make for a proposal you‘ll never forget.

Suggested phrase: I’ll follow you to the centre of the Earth and out to space, will you marry me?

Northern Lights in Iceland

9. Underneath the Northern Lights

Under the famous Northern Lights is definitely the most picture-perfect way to ask someone to marry you. Make sure to keep your ring close as the Northern Lights can appear without a warning when the conditions are right. Let‘s just hope that your partner isn‘t too busy gazing up at the lightshow in the sky to notice you dropping down on one knee.

Suggested phrase: You make my heart dance like the Northern Lights in a winter sky, will you marry me?

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