Situated in Northern Iceland’s innermost fjord, Eyjafjörður, Akureyri is the island’s second largest city, after Reykjavík. Akureyri has so much to offer, from amazing restaurant and cafés to lively culture and a fun nightlife.

In the wintertime there you can go skiing in Hlíðarfjall, and during summers, you can take a walk through the Lystigarðurinn botanical garden. All year ‘round you can visit the Christmas Garden, located just minutes from the city center. There you’ll find a red house resembling a cookie house. Inside are decorations from all over the world. And, in the garden surrounding the house, there are lovely, comfy, benches and tables, perfect for enjoying a picnic, while listening to relaxing, Christmas melodies.

Other things worth mentioning and visiting: Akureyri church; the Akureyri swimming pool; the Old Town, and last, but never least, the Kaldi Brewery and Beer Spa.

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