Head to one of Iceland’s best seal watching spots and you could see these adorable mammals for yourself.

North Iceland
A river running through Hvammstangi village
The church in the village of Hvammstangi
A seal lying on the shore in Hvammstangi, Vatnsnes peninsula
A river running through Hvammstangi village
The church in the village of Hvammstangi
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Take a seal watching boat tour and get a behind-the-scenes look at Icelandic wool making in Hvammstangi, Iceland

You’ll find the village of Hvammstangi halfway between Reykjavík and Akureyri, the capital of the North. It’s also the western starting point of the Arctic Coast Way, a scenic route through North Iceland. Stop by this charming village to watch seals sunbathe and soak up the beauty of the Vatnsnes peninsula.

Hvammstangi is the most densely populated area of the West Húnaþing region, and was an important trading center in the mid-1800s. To learn more about its heritage and the lives of its early settlers, check out the Trade Museum near the harbor.

The village is also home to the Icelandic Seal Center, where you’ll find out everything there is to know about these captivating marine mammals. What’s more, the friendly staff can show you the best places to spot seal colonies. In summer, you could even take a  seal watching boat trip on Miðfjorður fjord.

Your time in Hvammstangi wouldn’t be complete without a visit to KIDKA, one of the largest knitting factories in Iceland. Here you can see how Icelandic knitwear is made and check out their wool factory shop. You might leave with the ultimate souvenir – a traditional wool sweater (lopapeysa).

Hvammstangi is an ideal pit stop on your Iceland Ring Road tour. The small town has gas and charging stations, a nearby camping site, and a local swimming pool.

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