Lake Myvatn (Lake Midge)

In the northern part of Iceland in an area of active volcanism lies the shallow, eutrophic lake, Mývatn. Near the volcano, Krafla,and surrounded by wetlands, the lake has rich wildlife; you’ll see plenty of water birds, especially ducks. Created 2,300 years ago by a basaltic lava eruption, the landscape surrounding the lake is mostly volcanic landform, including lava pillars and rootless vents. The name Mývatn (Lake Midge) comes from the huge numbers of midges that can be found there in summertime.

On the south shore of Lake Mývatn Skútustaðir, pseudo-craters can be found (craters created after several lava explosions). Skútustaðir craters on the south shore of Lake Mývatn are protected as a natural monument.

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