Drangsnes, a small fishing village in Steingrímsfjörður in the West Fjords, is known for its many hot, natural springs, lying along the shoreline right in the middle of the village. The natural pools are easily spotted from the road and, therefore, easy to find. Relax in the pools and enjoy the naturals, while socializing with the locals.

Also, be sure to visit Kerling, a rock pillar believed to be the remains of troll woman who, according to Icelandic myths, was one of three, female trolls who tried to separate the West Fjords from the rest of Iceland.

Just offshore from Drangsnes is Grímsey Island. One of Mother Nature’s true gems, the island is a true wonder of nature. There are scheduled, 10-minute boat trips from Drangsnes to Grímsey, known for its birdlife and natural beauty.

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