Sky Lagoon

Slip into the warm waters of this geothermal spa and take in sweeping views of the North Atlantic.

The Sky Lagoon from above
The Sky Lagoon at sunset
A group enjoying the Sky Lagoon
The Sky Lagoon from above
The Sky Lagoon at sunset
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Relax and unwind at Sky Lagoon, Reykjavík

Sky Lagoon in Iceland is a magnificent infinity-edge geothermal pool with panoramic views over the North Atlantic ocean. Relaxing in its clear waters is the perfect way to spend a few lazy hours.

Opened in 2021, Sky Lagoon was an instant hit amongst Icelanders and didn’t stay their secret for long. It’s the first and only spa bathing experience in the Reykjavík capital area, meaning you don’t have to travel far for indulgent relaxation.

The architecture of Sky Lagoon is inspired by traditional Icelandic turf houses and volcanic rocks. But it’s much more than just a hot pool. With its 7-Step Ritual, you can enjoy a refined experience that showcases the best of Icelandic bathing culture.

To add to the feeling of luxury, you can sip on a drink at the swim-up bar. And once you’ve unwound in the lagoon, you can refresh with a light bite at Smakk Bar. You can even pick up some salt skin scrub to take home with you after trying it as part of the Ritual.

Sky Lagoon makes a great alternative to the Blue Lagoon thanks to its convenient location in the city. When you book a vacation package with Iceland Tours, it’s easy to add a stop at Sky Lagoon at checkout. Some packages even include Sky Lagoon as part of the standard itinerary.

Get the full scoop on this dreamy geothermal spa in this Sky Lagoon in Iceland guide.

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FAQs about Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon comes highly recommended if you want to immerse yourself in Icelandic bathing culture. It’s easy to add to any itinerary. Just imagine seeing natural wonders on a Golden Circle tour by day, before soaking in the warm water in the evening.

Icelanders have a long tradition of using the Earth’s natural energy to heat water. Sky Lagoon allows you to experience this energy in lots of different ways, including in the warm lagoon, steam room, and sauna. Read all about Iceland’s geothermal pools in this blog post.

Sky Lagoon is a fantastic place to warm up below Iceland’s vast, open skies. In wintertime, you might even have a chance to see the Northern Lights dancing above you!

Although the infinity pool and surroundings are manmade, they are inspired by Iceland’s nature and architectural heritage. The grass walls and roofs were made in the traditional way by local craftsmen, so they really showcase local turf house architecture in an authentic way.

The cliffs surrounding the lagoon were modeled after those found around the country, and have been covered by mosses and other small plants.

And of course, all the water in the lagoon is heated using the natural warmth of the Earth.

You’ll find a whole host of ways to enjoy the water at Sky Lagoon. With the Pure pass admission, you get access to this 7-Step Ritual:

  1. Warm-water lagoon
  2. Cold plunge pool
  3. Dry sauna, with panoramic views
  4. Fog mist
  5. Cleansing body scrub
  6. Steam rooms
  7. Pure shower

You can move through the steps of the Ritual at your own pace.

Yes, Sky Lagoon is open every day of the year. Because the waters are heated, your lagoon experience is not dependent on the weather.

In fact, a visit to Sky Lagoon on a winter vacation is a magical experience. Picture the cliffs around the lagoon dusted in snow, as you feel the refreshing winter air on your face. All while staying warm and toasty in the water.

Get all the info on Iceland’s weather & climate in our Travel Guide.

It’s a good idea to set a couple of hours aside to visit Sky Lagoon. You’ll want to allow enough time to get changed, relax in the hot water, and enjoy the Ritual.

If you’re on a self-drive tour, the easiest way to get to Sky Lagoon is by car. It’s around a 15-minute drive from the city center. Parking is free outside the lagoon.

You can also get to the lagoon by bus from the Hlemmur bus station in downtown Reykjavík, although there is a short walk from the bus stop. The journey takes around 45 minutes altogether.

When you book your package online with Iceland Tours, you can also easily add a direct transfer from your hotel for an extra fee.

Sky Lagoon is on the Kársnes peninsula in Kópavogur, which is part of the capital area. This makes it around 6 km (3.7 mi) from Reykjavík city center.

Changing rooms at Sky Lagoon are available for all genders. For hygiene reasons, you’ll need to have a shower without your bathing suit before entering the lagoon.

The men’s and women’s facilities have a communal changing area, with a choice of cubicle showers or communal showers. Private changing rooms are available for non-binary and transgender guests.

If you opt for the Sky pass admission, then private changing rooms are also included as part of that experience.

With the Pure Lite pass, you get access to the lagoon for as long as you like. The Pure pass includes this and one journey through the 7-step Ritual.

With the Sky pass, you get access to private changing facilities, as well as everything included with the other admission options.

Some of these Iceland vacation packages include lagoon tours in the price, and it’s easy to add a Sky Lagoon tour to those that don’t.

All changing rooms have towels, hairdryers, and soap included in the price of admission. The only thing you need to bring is your swimsuit!

You’re also welcome to bring your camera into the lagoon to capture your experience. Guests are expected to be considerate of other guests when taking pictures though.