Go puffin watching and hike clifftop trails at Iceland’s westernmost point.

The Látrabjarg sea bird cliffs
Látrabjarg cliffs in the Westfjords
Puffins on the Látrabjarg sea cliffs
The Látrabjarg sea bird cliffs
Látrabjarg cliffs in the Westfjords
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Stand on top of Europe’s largest seabird cliffs at Látrabjarg, Iceland

The Látrabjarg cliffs rise out of the Atlantic Ocean at the western tip of Iceland. At 14 km (8.5 mi) long and up to 440 m (1,450 ft) high in places, they make for a jaw-dropping stop on your trip.

The ideal time to visit is from May to August. This is when you can see millions of birds, including gannets, razorbills, and guillemots, nesting on the cliff face. While these birds are well worth seeing, there’s no doubt that Atlantic puffins are the stars of the show at Látrabjarg.

Each year about 1 million puffins nest in small burrows along the clifftop. During the summer months, Iceland becomes host to some of the largest puffin colonies in the world. If you want to learn more about the puffins, and other seabirds, then you could take a guided tour of the area. 

But you can also have a great experience here if you just leave your car in the parking lot and hit the trail to see what you can spot. Just remember your camera and binoculars for an even better view. 

Although the cliffs of Látrabjarg are a detour from the Ring Road, there are plenty of other places for you to explore in the Westfjords. For instance, you could head for Rauðisandur, one of Iceland’s red sand beaches. It’s only a 1-hour drive from Látrabjarg.

Staying safe at the Látrabjarg bird cliff

To help you stay safe during your visit to Látrabjarg, please read this advice:

  • Make sure not to get too close to the edge of the cliffs, as there are no fences or rails.
  • Beware of strong winds when you’re walking the clifftop trails.
  • Wear sturdy hiking boots and take care on the uneven trail surface.

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