Soak in hot pots overlooking the rugged Westfjords in this quiet fishing village.

The hot tubs in the village of Drangsnes
Rain on the Drangsnes hot pots
Drangsnes village at sunset
The hot tubs in the village of Drangsnes
Rain on the Drangsnes hot pots
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Relax and enjoy geothermal bliss in the village of Drangsnes, Iceland

Drangsnes is a small fishing village located in the eastern part of Iceland’s Westfjords region. You’ll find it on the shores of Steingrímsfjörður fjord, around 32 km (20 mi) from the town of Hólmavík, an excellent whale watching spot.

This quaint village is known for its trio of hot tubs, or ‘hot pots’, that sit right on the shoreline. They’re naturally heated by geothermal water and vary in temperature from cool to hot.

Pick the one that’s right for you (or try all three!) and enjoy stunning sea views while you mingle with the locals. If you’re lucky, you might even spot whales in the summer or see the Northern Lights dance above you in the winter.

The Drangsnes hot pots are free to use whenever you like, and there’s even a changing room with showers across the street.

Other things to see and do in Drangsnes

The most popular nearby attraction is Grímsey island, which becomes a puffin paradise during the summer months. Take a 10-minute ferry ride from Drangsnes harbor and you could get up close to the puffins and many other seabirds.

According to legend, the island of Grímsey was created by one of three female trolls that tried to separate the Westfjords from the rest of Iceland. But before she could finish, the sun’s rays turned the troll to stone. Today, you can see her for yourself – a giant rock, called Kerling, next to the village swimming pool.

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