Krafla and Leirhnjúkur

Krafla is an 818-meter-high mountain that also is an active volcanic region, where steaming vents and craters can be found. This caldera is about 10 km in diameter with a 90-km long fracture zone. The name Krafla refers to the entire area surrounding the mountain, as well a geothermal power station and the series of eruptions that created the most spectacular lava field.


The three main attractions in the area are Leirbotn (the geothermal power station), Víti Maar (a volcanic crater) and Leirhnjúkur (lava field landscapes).  Leirhnjúkar, with its steaming, sulphuric terrain and multicolored lava field landscapes, really is a must-see. The lava fields are the remains of an eruption that lasted from 1975 to 1984.



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