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  • Glacier Hiking One Hour Tour

    Glacier Hiking One Hour Tour

    Meet us on location for one of Iceland´s most popular day trips, made yet different by Asgard. In groups of only 8 guests accompanied by experienced and qualified local guide we visit Sólheimajökull outlet glacier on foot. Explore the glacier wonder world and experience first hand the effects of climate change. A fun and exciting way to get to know one of Iceland´s wonders in depth. On this 1-1.5 hour walk you will see and hear about all the glacial features, enjoy the most stunning scenery and hear interesting facts about the Icelandic history and formation.


    Duration: 1 hour on the glacier (2,5 hours with approach and preparation)
    Departure: 11:00 and 14:00

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  • Into the Glacier Tour - Ice Cave Adventure

    Into the Glacier Tour  - Ice Cave Adventure

    Into the Glacier and more, is a day tour departing from Reykjavik. Into the Glacier, waterfalls and more – just lay back, relax and enjoy the adventure we have prepared for you!

    Duration: 9-10 hours
    Departures: All year

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  • Marche sur glacier

    Marche sur glacier

    Marche sur un glacier en Islande est un bon moyen de ressentir les forces de la nature. Le glacier Sólheimajökull est l’endroit idéal pour passer une telle journée. Nos guides de montagne expérimentés vous apprendront à vous servir de l’équipement de base nécessaire pour cette excursion.  

    Durée approximative : Entre 9 et 10h en tout, 2 à 2h30 sur glace 
    Opération :  Toute l'année sauf le 1er janvier, 24 et le 25 décembre


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  • Marche á travers feu et glace - IMG02

    Marche á travers feu et glace - IMG02

    Cette excursion combine les deux points les plus marquants à voir en Islande, les sources d’eau chaude et les glaciers. Une marche d’environ 2 à 3h le long des sources d’eau chaude de la zone de Hengill avant que l’on s’aventure, crampons au pied sur la langue glacière Sólheimajökull.

    Durée approximative : 12 heures au total, 5 à 6 heures d‘activité

    Départs:  - Du 1er juin au 31 août. Tous les jours à 9h.

       - Du 1er mars au 31 mai et du 1er septembre au 31 octobre. Départ à 9h le lundi, jeudi,  

         samedi et dimanche.

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  • Observation des Cétacés – Port de Reykjavík

    Observation des Cétacés – Port de Reykjavík

    Excursion en mer d'environ 3 heures. Les cétacés le plus souvent observés sont le petit rorqual, le dauphin à bec blanc, le marsouin, et plus occasionnellement la baleine à bosse.

    Durée approximative : 3 heures
    Opération de novembre à mars : Vendredi, samedi et dimanche
    Opération de avril à octobre : Tous les jours

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  • Le Cercle d'Or

    Le Cercle d'Or

    L'excursion qui vous mènera dans la célèbre région thermale de Geysir, vers la magnifique chute de Gullfoss et dans le parc national de Þingvellir, l'emplacement originel du plus vieux parlement du monde, d'ou l'on peut voir la faille Atlantique qui déchire lentement l'Islande en suivant les plaques tectoniques.

    Durée approximative : 8 à 9 heures
    Opération : Toute l'année

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  • Grand circuit de Reykjavík

    Grand circuit de Reykjavík

    Le Grand circuit de Reykjavik est une présentation détaillée et complète du passé et du présent de Reykjavik, lors de laquelle les principales attractions sont mises à jour.

    Durée approximative : 3 heures
    Opération : Toute l'année

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  • Aventure sur la Côte Sud

    Aventure sur la Côte Sud

    Un circuit idéal pour amoureux de la nature de toutes sortes. Vous vous tiendrez derrière la cascade de Seljalandsfoss, monterez jusqu'à la cascade de Skógafoss et admirerez le glacier de Mýrdalsjökull et les formations rocheuses de Reynisdrangar.

    Durée approximative : 10 heures
    Opération : Toute l'année

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  • Merveilles de Snæfellsnes

    Merveilles de Snæfellsnes

    Sur la péninsule de Snæfellsnes, Vous verrez des plages blanches ou noires, des falaises d'oiseaux, des montagnes spectaculaires et des cratères volcaniques sans oublier de petits ports dans des villages de pêche charmants. Le glacier de Snæfellsjökull, célèbre dans le monde entier est l'endroit où commence le célèbre roman de Jules Verne, « Voyage au centre de la Terre ».

    Durée approximative : 12 heures
    Opération : Toute l'année

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  • Westman Islands Tour

    Westman Islands Tour

    This tour takes you from Reykjavík to the volcano island of Heimaey in the Westman Islands archipelago.

    In Heimaey you’ll be taken on a guided coach tour of the island, where you will get in touch with a volcanic crater, still-warm
    lava and half-buried houses from the island’s infamous 1973 volcanic eruption. You will spot some of the most interesting features of the island, where nature has sculpted a fascinating landscape teeming with diverse birdlife and animal life, including the world´s largest puffin colony.

    Optional boat tour around the island

    The boat circles the island of Heimaey, stopping briefly at places of interest where passengers can see various caves, witness
    the birdlife, and are likely to see some whales. The trip ends by sailing into Klettshellir (Cliff Cave). A musical instrument is
    played to showcase the cave’s stunning acoustics, creating a sensational experience. From there we re-enter the harbour.

    The boat tour (optional) is only available during summer* and takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

    * If you choose not to go on the boat tour or it’s out of season, you will have some free time to explore the island. Your guide will tell you
    about interesting areas to visit and meet up with you afterwards.

    Departures: All year  at 07:15am weekdays and at 10:30am Sat & Sun
    Pick-up: Reykjavik domestic airport
    Included: Return flight to destination, English-speaking guide, Guided coach tour
    Not included : Optional boat tour, Lunch and refreshments

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  • Diamond Circle Air Tour

    Diamond Circle Air Tour

    Fly through the landscape of epic television series The Game of Thrones, filmed in this dramatic landscape. 

    The route explores Godafoss Waterfall  and then over Lake Myvatn, with its numerous scenic attractions and geothermal phenomena.  From Lake Myvatn we fly over Vatnajökull National Park to see Dettifoss, a spectacular waterfall where cascades plunge from a height of 144 feet (44 meters) into a narrow canyon.

    From the Dettifoss waterfall we follow the magnificent canyons, before turning homeward bound for Akureyri. Relax and take in the north-east coastline as the Troll Peninsula mountain range comes to view in the west.

    Duration: 1,5 hrs
    Availability: March 1st-November 15th

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  • Snorkeling Silfra

    Snorkeling Silfra

    You don’t need to be a certified diver in order to experience water at its clearest!  Snorkeling Silfra is for everyone who feels comfortable in water and is ready for a fantastic snorkeling adventure.

    We offer daily snorkeling trips to Silfra where you will float between two continental plates, surrounded by the astonishing clarity of the water and the mesmerizing colors of this underwater world.

    Duration: Approximately 5 hours from the time of pick up in Reykjavík to the time of drop off.
    If you choose to drive yourself to Silfra, you can expect to be with us for about 3 hours.
    You will be in the water for around 30-40 minutes and the remaining time is needed for getting in and out of the gear.
    Departure: 10:30 / 12:30 / 14:00

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  • Vatnshellir Cave Tour

    Vatnshellir Cave Tour

    This is where we originate from... The area all around the glacier contains hundreds of lava tubes, which makes the area really special for those interested in caves. Our story began few years ago when we started cave guiding in Vatnshellir Cave. That lead to fast expansion that has now made Summit Adventure Guides.We are the only tour operator that has permission to guide you into Vatnshellir cave, which is by now probably the most visited cave in Iceland. Vatnshellir was closed by the National Park few years ago for protection reasons and now it's only open with guidance from us, approved guides by the National Park.

    Duration:;45 minute guided tour
    Departures: We offer this tour all year around, opening hours depend on the season though.

    From May 15th to September 30th we've got tours every hour, on the hour from 10am to 6pm.
    From October 1st to May 14th we've got tours every hour, on the hour from 11am to 3pm.

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  • Whale Watching from Reykjavik

    Departures: 9:00 / 9:30 / 10:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 17:00 / 19:00 / 20:30 /
    Duration: 3 hours
    Hot tip: Dress warmly and don't be shy to also put on our warm overalls!
    Included: Use of warm overalls, Excellent guidance, Free on board WiFi, Access to our Visitor Centre/Whale Exhibition
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