Ice Cave & Helicopter Combo Tour

Fly with a helicopter into unreachable grounds and explore an exclusive ice cave. On the way, enjoy views of Vatnajokull glacier from above.

Your start your adventure at Skaftafell Airport where you’ll meet your helicopter pilot and guide. We take off from Skaftafell, the views from the helicopter will be truly spectacular. You’ll really get a feel for the magnitude of Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, before exploring a small part of its inner spaces.

You will land on Skeiðarárjökull, an outlet glacier from the Vatnajökull ice cap, and walk to the mouth of the glacier ice cave known as the Blue Dragon. Icelandic folklore tells of four spirits of the land that act as protectors of Iceland’s four regions. Up north, an eagle acts as a protector, in the west an ox, in the south a giant and in the east a dragon (Dreki). We suspect Dreki may have had a hand in creating this amazing cave, and stepping into it is like walking into a land of myth and legend.

After making your way back out of the ice cave, you will board the helicopter once again, this time knowing exactly what lies just beneath the surface of the ice. Landing back at Skaftafell Terminal you’ll leave with a truly unique experience under your belt and long-lasting memories.



November - April

Meeting point

Skaftafell Airport by road #1

Minimum Age

5 years


Helicopter ride with an experienced pilot, glacier guide, safety equipment, free parking, light refreshments

You bring

Rain gear, hiking boots, warm clothing and snacks